Are You Looking for Innovative Water & Wastewater Solutions?

Lunula Consulting specializes in finding science-based solutions for your water & wastewater problems.

Give us your problem and we'll find you a solution!
Wondering what Lunula can do for you? Here are some ways we help….

Permits & Applications

We can guide you through the application process ensuring the fastest possible approvals so your project stays on track!

Ministry Compliance

We can help you report on time. We can help you find the resources required to get your plant operating within the limits of your permit.

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Manuals & Procedures

We can help you write technical documents that are operator friendly and in compliance with your permit.

Partners & Solutions

Need a solution and don’t know where to start? Ask us anything! We can find the right people and technologies to solve your problem.
Are you up a creek
without a paddle?
At Lunula Consulting, our mission is to
find the best solutions for your water
and wastewater problems.
At Lunula we believe in finding the best people with the most innovative ideas and technologies to create the optimum collaborative team and resources for your project. We skillfully assess unidentified and unmitigated risks to make your projects or operations run more smoothly so you can have the freedom to focus elsewhere.

Lunula’s Project Manager, Mardell Buryniuk, is an avid problem-solver with a particular passion for water and wastewater treatment. She combines excellent research skills, a master’s degree in science and trade knowledge as a water and wastewater plant operator with the ability to successfully manage projects.

Who We Help

Services We Offer

You have a water or wastewater problem and don’t know where to start looking for solutions.
As your trusted advisor, we help you identify the best solutions to resolve your residential water, wastewater or septic problem.
You require guidance on the best solutions and/or permit coordination for your environmental project.
We work to coordinate all your necessary permits and work collaboratively with regulators to get your project moving quickly. We can analyze the available technologies and make unbiased recommendations.
You need technical writing services for permit applications, standard operating procedures or preventative maintenance manuals.
Outsourcing these tasks frees up time for your staff helping you save on your bottom line! Lunula’s team is reliable, detail-oriented and will help you get the best outcomes.
If you need innovative solutions to your water and wastewater problems
– and don’t know who to ask or where to start? ASK LUNULA!
If you are ready to have expert guidance on your next project contact Lunula for a Free Consultation